Bluegrass Landscape Company is a turn-key landscape design/build company.  We give you the ability to take care of your entire landscaping project with one call:  no need to call multiple companies.  Let us take care of your project from start to finish.  We proudly serve Rapid City, SD and the surrounding Black Hills area. 

Landscape Design

We love all design.  Our design team will walk with you every step of the way, from the initial walk-through and brainstorming process to project completion.  Your new landscape will be an extension of your home and a reflection of who you are.  Let’s do it right.

Our design process begins with an on-site consultation, where we will share ideas to find out what would make your landscape perfect for you.  We will ask questions about your personal tastes: likes, dislikes, and intentions for the space.  Our goal is to create designs with not only beauty, but PURPOSE.  Some of the questions to think about before the initial meeting are:

  • Do you have any existing drainage or erosion issues or concerns?
  • Do you have any functional needs or concerns such as the need to increase flat, more usable areas?
  • Do you have children that will be using the yard?
  • Do you have any pet considerations?
  • What type of recreation do love? A large turf area for sports? An area for climbing and playing?
  • Do you enjoy entertaining?  Do we need to consider adding or increasing the size of a patio or food prep area?
  • Will you be using your landscape at night?  If so would you like to consider outdoor lighting?
  • Would you like an outdoor area to escape to rain or shine?  Have you considered a patio cover or pergola?
  • Do you need to maintain or add access for vehicle or machines?
  • Do you have any allergies to insects, flowers, trees, or any other concerns?
  • What are your favorite colors?
  • Do you have any specific ideas for the space?  Pinterest, Houzz, etc.?
  • What is your budget for the project?
Once we have answered some of these preliminary questions, we can focus on your design.  We will work together to come up with a plan that is perfect for you and within your budget.  You will then receive a detailed proposal of approximately what it will cost to implement your design.  Many times, we can separate your project into manageable phases that fit comfortably within your budget.  

Whether your home landscaping project requires a simple design concept drawing or one that lays out all the details, our handcrafted designs will be both functional and beautiful.  We will listen and work with you every step of the way.  

Depending on the needs of your commercial landscaping project, we will create a landscape design that will help your business stand out from the competition.  We coordinate with business owners, building architects, planners, and engineering firms to acquire necessary permits, and ensure code compliance.  We can also provide construction detail, installation guidelines, and project management to ensure your project is done right.

Bluegrass Landscape Company is the area’s leader in sustainable landscape solutions.  When landscapes are designed in harmony with the natural setting, disruption to water resources, habitats, indigenous species and soils are eliminated or minimized.  We will design your outdoor space with sustainability built in by:

  • Selecting drought-tolerant and low maintenance native plant species.
  • Installing “smart” controllers and matched-precipitation sprinkler heads that drastically reduce the water footprint while allowing your plants to thrive.
  • Replacing inefficient spray heads with targeted drip irrigation.  
  • Redirecting stormwater to green areas.
  • Installing permeable “pavements” that allow water to penetrate the earth.  
  • Using low-impact materials such as sustainably-harvested and recycled woods, or recycled plastic and composites.  

Sprinkler systems

Your home’s irrigation system is the backbone of your landscape.  When designed and functioning properly, it will facilitate a healthy and beautiful landscape.  When it is designed poorly and installed poorly, it can cost you in several ways: 

  • Turfgrass and plants not thriving or dying and the cost to replace.  
  • Increased water usage and associated cost, not to mention the environmental irresponsibility.
  • Repair bills, and the potential need for whole-system replacement.
This is no time to take the cheapest option.  A poorly designed and installed irrigation system WILL cost you more in the long run.  A BLUEGRASS irrigation system is designed right and installed right.  Let’s do it right from the start.

When choosing products and materials for your irrigation system, all contractors have an opinion.  Unfortunately, these opinions seldom line up with the best interest of the homeowner.  They typically stem from one of two thought processes : 1) we have always done it this way, or 2) it’s the cheapest.  That’s a shame.  There are many options for sprinkler supplies, and attention must be paid to the specific material requirements for our area: our climate and our soils.  We will use only the best materials, combined with best practices for our Black Hills, SD-specific area.  You will rest easy, knowing your new system will perform better, last longer, and be more trouble-free than our competitors’.  

A proper design of your irrigation system is fundamental to a well-performing system.  Your lawn and landscape require not just water, but the right amount of water and consistency throughout.  We see a lot of bad design.  The result of this is dry patches, wet spots, and typically a much higher annual water usage than is necessary.  We utilize proper head spacing and matched precipitation nozzles to ensure uniformity.  And unlike your neighbors, you will not be watering during the downpour!

Using the best irrigation components means very little if they are not installed properly.  Our component are installed professionally so problems are avoided and the look is clean.  Our lines are buried to a proper depth, our valve boxes are installed flush with their surroundings, your valves and backflow preventer will look tidy, your controller will be secured and protected in a place that makes SENSE, and your heads will be straight and at the proper height.  This should be what you expect from your landscape company.  Sadly, it’s not what is often delivered.  Please trust us with your irrigation install.  We will do it right.  

Please give us a call to schedule your sprinkler start-up this coming Spring.  We will not stop with simply turning on your water and letting you fend for yourself.  We will make sure your heads are adjusted properly and are the correct height.  If valves or heads need repaired or replaced, we can perform this quickly, often at the time, eliminating the need for further calls.  We will also go through your irrigation controller to ensure you are watering at the times of day you like and for how long.  If you have a rain sensor, we will make sure it is functioning as well.  

By ensuring all the water is out of your sprinkler lines and components before winter, you are safeguarding against start-up problems in the spring.  We will go through all zones, valves and backflow preventers to ensure your irrigation system is bedded down the right way.  If any issues are found, we are often able to make repairs the same day, so that come springtime your sprinkler system is ready to roll.  

New Lawns


If you are building a new home, or your lawn has simply seen better days, Bluegrass Landscape company will give you the lawn you’ve always wanted.  Our experience originates from the seeding, sodding, and grow-in of several of the best golf clubs in the Western US, where less-than-perfect turfgrass is not optional.  We take the installation of residential and commercial lawns just as seriously.  We love this sort of thing, and no one else in the area does it to our standards.  Take our word on this one.  

Sod is grass and the area beneath it held together by the roots, or another piece of thin material.  The term sod may be used to mean turf grown and cut specifically for the establishment of lawns. Sodding is the best way to instantly have one of the best lawns on the block.  Sodding is more expensive than seeding, but comes with some obvious advantages, namely having a beautiful green lawn – instantly.  

  • No waiting.  Although it is not immediately ready for normal foot traffic, you instantly have the look of a finished lawn.
  • Sod can be installed earlier in the spring, later in the fall.  Although sod roots fastest during prime spring and fall planting times, it is still possible to install during hot summer months.  Without constant supervision, seed can germinate and die during these times.  
  • Immediate erosion control.  Especially on difficult slopes, sod works as a blanket to hold topsoil in place.
  • Built-in weed control.  New sod is nearly weed free and since it consists of dense turf from the start, weeds are out-competed and not easily able to find an opening to grow.
  • If your lawn is seeded, you will have bare soil that will constantly be wet from watering, which can be a mess if your lawn in used during that period.
  • Quick traffic turnaround. Once sod roots establish, it is ready for normal lawn traffic, including entertaining, play and pets.  

Sod (or turf) for lawns is grown on specialist farms, typically locally so long transports, drying out and heat buildup is avoided.  All sod jobs are not created equal.  No two sites are exactly the same.  Our process (the short version):

  • We selecting, from two local suppliers, the best turf product for your SPECIFIC site.  
  • We develop a unique “recipe” for your site based on your soil conditions.  We then build your new topsoil to support dense, healthy grass.
  • We shape the area for drainage, adding drainage solutions if necessary.  
  • We hand rake and roll the entire area to ensure a smooth finished lawn.   
  • We meticulously install your sod according to our detailed standards.  
  • We educate you on the grow-in of your new lawn and provide you with written instructions as to the watering and maintenance schedules.  
In a month or less you will be able to enjoy the finest lawn in town!  We do not take shortcuts at any step of our process.  Our processes are clearly lined out and are followed on EVERY job.  Let us do it right for you.  

With grass seed, you become the grower. This allows you to influence and experience every step of your lawn’s establishment, from germination and rooting to the development of thick, lush, green turf. Starting a lawn from seed has its own distinct set of considerations.  

Sod is grown in open fields that receive full sun all day long. The varieties of grass in the sod are predominately sun loving varieties, so we recommend only using sod in full sun to partial shade areas of your lawn. Sod installed in full shade will deteriorate within a year or two as the sun loving varieties die off in the shade.  We recommend seeding any sections of your lawn that are heavily shaded with a shade tolerant seed mix instead of sodding those areas.  Shade seed mixtures contain shade-tolerant fine fescues that are not found in sod, and give the shaded areas the best chance to succeed.  We select the highest quality seed and fertilizer along with meticulous seeding best practices to insure superior results for your lawn seeding project. 

Artificial turf installation has been a growing trend recently due to droughts, water regulations, the desire to conserve water and the opportunity to cut down on maintenance.  This is not your grandpa’s artificial turf.  The technology of artificial turf has come a long way in the past few years, and it is now a full-fledged option and widely accepted product for use in home landscapes.  Bluegrass Landscape Company installs products from SYNLawn, an industry leader in artificial grass.  Check out SYNLawn of South Dakota here.  



The term “hardscaping” refers to any type of construction using stone, pavers, brick, wood and other similar type materials.  From meandering walkways to engineered retaining walls, Bluegrass Landscape Company has the expertise to properly design and install the “bones” of your landscape.  A well-designed hardscape will serve as the foundation for all to come, and few improvement projects have the ability to create the return on investment like hardscaping.  So whether you need your entire property leveled out, a beautiful area to entertain guests, or a sandbox for the kids, Bluegrass Landscape Company has a solution.  Give us a call for an on-site consultation.  

Whether you are looking for beauty, functionality or a combination of both, retaining walls can add some serious value to your property.  Retaining walls can be constructed from a variety of materials including:

  • Segmental blocks such as these from VERSA-LOK
  • Precast masonry units
  • Pressure-treated timbers
  • Natural stone
 Retaining walls can structurally stabilize a difficult slope, increase the size of usable yard area or simply provide an elegant backdrop or seating area.  Whatever your needs are, large or small, we have the expertise to do it right.  Our walls will meet and/or exceed any and all municipal requirements through the use of engineering, manufacturers’ specs, #57 (clean) drain rock back-fill, silt sock-lined perforated drain tile, Geogrid reinforcement, geotextile aggregate/dirt separation, and proper compaction.  

Bluegrass Landscape Company offers extensive options when it comes to your patio, walkway or driveway needs.  Bricks and pavers not only look much better than concrete or asphalt, they offer a more durable and “flexible” surface.  A paver surface does not crack like concrete, or need re-coated like asphalt.  If a single paver does crack or chip, it can easily be replaced.  Most quality manufactures even offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their products.  This means that once we install your patio, walkway, or driveway, it’s here to stay.  Which is OK…because we do it right.  

Natural stone is one of the most beautiful and log lasting additions to your landscape.  It is also unpredictable.  While pictures and ideas are useful to creating the look you want, the experience and vision of your landscape contractor is truly the key element here.  No two projects are the same.  We have a passion for the creative aspect of rock selection and boulder placement. We can help you determine if the rock fits in, if it is to scale, if it adds interest and if it is placed properly for maximum impact.  Using an assortment of local stones, we are able to create landscape beds, rock gardens, retaining walls, staircases and more.  Let us help you create something truly unique.  

Feel like your living in a fishbowl?  We can install any of a variety of privacy fencing options for you that will to blend with your surroundings, architectural style and your particular taste.  



Once your hardscaping in place, the vast world of softscaping is opened up.  Softscaping is the live horticultural element of your landscape, and regardless of the size and scope of your hardscaping, your landscape will look naked without it.   Softscaping can include various ornamentals such as trees, shrubs, ground-covers, flowers, flower and rock beds, and natural privacy screens. The purpose of softscaping is to lend character to the space, create aura and ambiance, and reflect the client’s unique personality.  

We love lawns.  So much we devoted an entire section to it.  See “New Lawns” above for everything you want to know.  

We do not take the selection of your ornamental species lightly.  Every plant is carefully chosen for your area, taking into account water availability, soil conditions, location, growth rate, mature size, color, seasonal interest and your personal taste.   We also do not take shortcuts when planting your selections.  Based on your soils, we will use the necessary fertilizers and soil amendments to ensure a successful transplant.  

Outdoor accessories



This is where it gets fun!  We throw rules out the window when we get to this point.  This is all about you.  Custom, handcrafted outdoor elements will provide you with a truly one of a kind outdoor experience.  Let us create a functional outdoor showcase of your personality.  The sky is the limit!

Your perfect sitting area may not be perfect when mother nature gets involved.  We can build custom pergolas and patio covers that will ensure that you remain comfortable rain or shine.   

There’s a good reason firepits are high on many homeowners’ must-have lists.  It’s just nice to sit around and stare at a burning fire!  Let us create a custom fire pit for you that will give you and your guests warmth and ambiance for years to come.  

Let our team add the sights and sounds of water to your landscape with the addition of a water feature.  Whether a small fountain, a waterfall focal point, a subtle pond or a meandering stream, we can transform your outdoor space into something resembling paradise.  Every water feature is custom-designed and handcrafted to be both dramatic and natural.  

Never underestimate the impact that outdoor lighting can have on your overall landscape package.  Outdoor lighting is by far the fastest and least expensive way to make your home look like a million bucks.  A great lighting design can transform the outside of your house by simply highlighting some key transition points and landscape features.  We offer lighting packages to fit any budget.  Popular lighting types include:

  • Path Lights
  • Up-Lights or Spotlights
  • Deck Lights
  • Stair Lights

Kids need a safe place to play.  We love integrating natural components into outdoor spaces where children can play and get in touch with their surroundings.  Let us design and install an outdoor play area that will serve as a place for fun and reflection for your children for years to come.  

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