Our Culture:

“We will treat our team, clients, community and environment with the same love, respect, honesty and integrity that we craft our landscapes with. We value our team as family and our customers as old friends.  We will not compromise standards.  We will do the job right.”

At Bluegrass Landscape Company, We are Committed…

 To Our Clients:

We Will Listen.  Your new landscape will be a collaboration between Bluegrass Landscape Company and YOU, our clients.  We never assume we know more than our clients about their properties (We don’t).  We love ideas.  We love feedback.  Of course we love to hear the good things, but it’s the honest feedback that helps to grow correctly.

We Will Care.  Our clients are people with busy lives.  They have with big visions, but also bottom lines.  We are conscious of our unique role in making an actual impact on our clients’ lives, not just doing a job.  From the first phone call to every action we take on our clients’ behalf, our goal is to continuously prove our value. We stay connected through good email and phone communication, but also through our website and newsletters.  

We Will Break the Rules:  “Safe” works, but it’s usually not memorable. Creatively, we challenge ourselves to think beyond secure ideas and old stand-bys and to be bold and unrestrained—even weird. Culturally, we foster an environment that welcomes ideas, constructive criticism, and new ways of doing things.  We’re fearless in saying “what if” and open ourselves to unfamiliar projects and the potential for growth.


To Our Team:

Always Learning:  To be “good at what we do” isn’t enough. By its very nature, being a true professional requires staying engaged with evolving trends. We crave industry news and make staying up-to-date part of our work.  We read, we go to trainings, and we encourage our team to learn new skills that go beyond their day-to-day tasks.  We’re proud to own our individual skill sets, but diversifying ourselves is just as important.  It’s why

Come for More Than The Job: Distant, disconnected “hi-how-are-yous” aren’t our style. We truly value the company of our co-workers and are deeply invested in each other’s success and well-being. For us, it comes in the form of support, respect, and compassion in all directions. We guide each other towards personal and professional growth and celebrate wins—plus birthdays and our favorite holidays—every chance we get.

To Our Community:

Giving to our community is not only at the core of our culture, it is one of the reasons for our existence.  We earn so that we can give.  Every year, we choose a service project, in conjunction with the National Association of Landscape Professionals and Earth Day.  We donate our time to such causes as:

Bluegrass Landscape Company is a proud member of the Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce.

To Our environment:

We are proud to be part of the original “Green” industry and make every effort to impact our planet in a positive way.   

Water Conservation:  Water Conservation is fundamental to everything we do at Bluegrass Landscape Company.  As is an environmentally sustainable approach to landscaping.  We have the experience and capacity to help our customers conserve water in many different ways, from improving irrigation performance, to larger renovations that incorporate drought tolerant plants and drip irrigation.

Smart Ecological Design: Through the use of native, drought-tolerant and low maintenance design principles, we are able to reduce our impact on our environment while maintaining the highest quality craftsmanship.  With our extensive knowledge of plants, climate specifications, soil conditions, and the latest in sustainable landscaping techniques, we can design a landscape that will not only blend in with the natural environment, but thrive and flourish and bring lasting beauty to any garden space.


  • Asphalt and Concrete: When we breakup and remove your asphalt or concrete driveway, the used product does not go to the landfill! Instead, the onsite asphalt and concrete are brought to gravel pits where it is crushed into a granular material which is then used as a base material for other projects.
  • Old trees and shrubs: Old shrubs and trees are brought to the city landfill where they are shredded and turned into a wood mulch and compost.
  • Decks, Fences and Building Materials: When we remove your existing deck, we first determine whether we can donate the lumber to the Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity Re-store.  Otherwise waste lumber goes to a recycler where it is shredded and turned into wood chip mulch.
  • Old Interlock Paving Stones and Retaining Wall Products:  Whenever possible, we donate your old hardscape products to the Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity Re-store.  When this is not possible, we will pay the landfill for the recycling of these products.  
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